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How to Change Signature in Outlook – A Helpful Guide

how to change signature in outlook

No matter where you work, a unique email signature is needed. It reflects who you are professionally. Knowing how to change signature in Outlook is key today. It shows that you understand modern ways of communicating. Changing your email signature doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time. Outlook may be swiftly updated on any device. You can also set different signatures for various types of emails. This makes things simple and keeps your emails looking professional.

Outlook signature – Why It is Important

Outlook signature - Why It is Important

In today’s digital world, communication is a key aspect of business operations. Your Outlook signature is an essential component of professional email communication that leaves a lasting impression.

Your Outlook signature is a personalized block of text that appears at the bottom of every email you send. It includes your name, job title, contact information, and sometimes even links to your social media profiles. This brief yet impactful addition to your emails can make all the difference in establishing credibility and leaving a positive impression on your recipients.

Updating your Outlook signature is simple. To do so, go to the settings menu, find the option to “edit signature in Outlook,” and make the necessary changes. By updating your email signature in Outlook, you can ensure that your contact details are accurate and up to date, which is essential for effective communication.

Your outlook signature should reflect your professionalism, attention to detail, and brand identity. You can make your emails stand out from the crowd by including relevant information and even a touch of personalization. So, pay attention to don’t the importance of your Outlook signature. Take the time to update it regularly and make it a powerful tool in your communication arsenal.

Understanding Outlook Signature Functionality

The ability to customize Outlook’s email signature is key for professional emails. Users can add text, different styles, and images to emails, which makes them look good and shows who the sender is.

Outlook lets users set their email signatures to show on all emails, keeping them looking the same. Users can also add links, social icons, or fun graphics, making connecting with others more interesting.

Customizing signatures is very helpful for those who often update their information. It’s easy to change details like phone numbers or job titles. You can do this in Outlook without having to edit each email separately.

Knowing how to use Outlook signature settings will improve the look of professional emails. It also helps effectively share contact information and brand details, which happens with every email a user sends.

Exploring the New Outlook Signature Interface

Microsoft Outlook is widely used in business, with about 80% of companies relying on it. This makes it crucial to update email signatures smartly. With Microsoft’s new update, changing your email signature in Outlook is accessible and supports different design styles.

Navigating to the Signature Settings

First, go to the View tab in Outlook to start updating your signature or make a new one. Then, click on View Settings and select Accounts and Signatures. This directs you to the email signature customization page. It’s set up to be simple, even for those just starting with Outlook.

Creating a New Signature

When you get to the signature settings, you can create a unique email signature. There are many options for fonts, sizes, and colors. You can choose what fits you best, whether for personal or work emails. These choices help make your emails stand out, matching your personal or professional style.

Applying Your Signature to Emails

After designing your signature, it’s time to apply it to emails. Outlook lets you pick a default signature. Then, this signature appears on all the emails you send automatically. This keeps your emails looking professional and consistent.

How to Change Signature in Outlook

How to Change Signature in Outlook

Do you need to update or change your email signature in Outlook? It’s simple and critical for a professional to look at your emails. Our Outlook signature change guide gives a full breakdown of how to access and tweak your email signature correctly.

To start, click the gear icon to open Outlook’s settings. Look for ‘Compose and reply.’ You’ll get the chance to create a unique signature. You can add this to all emails or just on certain occasions. After you set this up, it will automatically appear in your emails.

Outlook lets you do more than type your name. You can add images or your company’s logo to your email signature. Use the Edit signature bar to make your signature look just right. You can add links, change the font, and pick the colors. If you want to have different signatures for different email accounts, Outlook makes it easy.

The changes you make to your signature are always there. You can edit them whenever you like. You can also choose a different signature for some emails. This is handy if you need to use different styles for various situations.

When you create a new signature or change one, the first email might not have it. But after that, your signature will be added automatically. This makes your work smoother and ensures your emails always look professional.

Step-by-Step Outlook Signature Modification

Accessing Signature Settings

Open Outlook: Start by opening your Outlook application. This guide applies whether you use Outlook 2016, 2019, or an earlier version.

Navigate to Signatures: Click on the ‘File’ menu at the top left of the screen, select ‘Options,’ and then choose ‘Mail.’ In the Mail settings, you will see a button labeled ‘Signatures…’. Clicking this button will open the Signatures and Stationery dialog box.

Creating or Modifying a Signature

Edit or Create Signature: In the Email Signature tab, you will see a list of existing signatures. You can edit an existing signature by selecting it from the list or create a new one by clicking the ‘New’ button. You will be prompted to name the new signature if you are creating one.

Customize Your Signature: Use the editing tools provided to format your signature. You can add text, links, images, or a business card. Additionally, you can alter the text’s font, size, color, and alignment to better reflect your brand or that of your business.

Set Default Signatures: If you use multiple email accounts in Outlook, you can set a default signature for each account. If desired, you can choose defaults for new messages and replies/forwards separately.

Inserting Images and Links

Adding Images: To add an image, such as a logo or your handwritten signature, click on the image icon in the formatting toolbar. Locate the image file on your computer and insert it into the signature.

Incorporating Links: To include a link in your signature, highlight the text or image you want to link, click the hyperlink button (it looks like a chain link), and enter the URL. This is useful for connecting to your social media profiles, personal blog, or company website.

Applying and Saving Changes

Save Your Signature: Once satisfied with your signature, click ‘OK’ to save the changes. Your new or updated signature will now be automatically appended to your emails based on your default settings.

Best Practices for Email Signatures

Best Practices for Email Signatures

Keep It Simple: A signature ought to be brief and easy to read. Stick to essential information to maintain professionalism.

Use Social Media Wisely: Only include social media links that are professional and relevant to your field.

Maintain Privacy: Avoid including too much personal information, such as phone numbers or addresses.

Consistency is Key: Ensure your signature is consistent across all business communications to help build your brand.


Email signatures are crucial for showcasing professionalism and creativity in your professional emails. By mastering how to change signature in Outlook, you can enhance your emails with personal touches like photos and social media links. This flexibility allows you to craft distinct signatures for both professional and personal use. Modifying your email signature in Outlook is straightforward, reflecting Microsoft’s commitment to user-friendly and personalized experiences. Following a guide on how to change signature in Outlook can significantly enhance the consistency and impact of your communications.