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How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car In 2024?

how much does it cost to ship a car

Shipping a car can be a significant expense, whether domestically or internationally. In this blog, we’ll explore the costs associated with car shipping in 2024, including the factors that influence these costs and tips on how to save money.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Internationally?

Shipping a car internationally can be complex and costly. The price varies depending on several factors, such as the destination, the size and weight of the vehicle, and the shipping method. On average, you can expect to pay between $1,000 to $5,000 for international car shipping.

Factors That Will Affect Shipping Costs

Factors That Will Affect Shipping Costs

Distance: Longer distances increase shipping costs.

Shipping Method: Sea freight is cheaper than air freight.

Vehicle Size and Weight: Larger, heavier vehicles cost more to ship.

Destination: Shipping to remote or less accessible areas can be more expensive.

Season: The cost of shipping may fluctuate based on seasonal factors.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car by Air Freight?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car by Air Freight

Shipping a car via air freight is the quickest and most costly option. Prices can range from $5,000 to $40,000, depending on the vehicle’s size and weight and the distance it needs to travel. This method is often used for luxury or classic cars that require special handling.

What Documents Will I Need for International Car Shipping?

When shipping a car internationally, you will need several essential documents:

Bill of Lading: A receipt issued by the carrier to acknowledge the receipt of the car.

Proof of Ownership: Documents for title and registration.

Export Declaration: Required by the customs authorities.

Insurance: Proof of insurance for the car.

Import Regulations Compliance: Documentation proving compliance with the destination country’s import regulations.

How to Save Money on Car Shipping?

How to Save Money on Car Shipping

Compare Quotes: Get multiple quotes from shipping companies to find the best deal.

Choose Open Transport: If your car doesn’t require special protection, opt for open transport instead of enclosed transport.

Flexible Dates: Take advantage of lower rates with your shipping dates.

Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping: Choose terminal-to-terminal shipping instead of door-to-door to save on costs.

FAQ – How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

How to Reduce Car Shipping Costs?

To reduce car shipping costs, compare multiple quotes, choose open transport, be flexible with shipping dates, and consider terminal-to-terminal shipping.

What Does Transport Enclosed Mean?

Enclosed transport entails transporting a vehicle in a completely enclosed trailer.

This method provides maximum weather and road debris protection and is ideal for luxury, classic, or high-value vehicles.

Is Shipping a Car Worth It?

Shipping a car is worth it if you’re moving long distances or internationally and need your vehicle at the destination. It conserves time, reduces deterioration, and may offer greater convenience than vehicle operating.

What Types of Vehicles Do You Ship?

Car shipping companies can transport various vehicles, including standard cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, classic cars, and luxury vehicles.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Ship a Car Across the Country?

The cheapest way to ship a car across the country is by open transport using a terminal-to-terminal service. Flexibility with shipping dates can also help reduce costs.


In conclusion, the cost to ship a car in 2024 varies based on several factors, including the shipping method, distance, and vehicle size. By understanding these factors and exploring different options, you can make informed decisions and save money on your car shipping needs.